Did Shatta Wale Just Sack Bull Dog & His Haus Or Bull Dog Sacked Shatta Wale?

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We have a strong conviction that, something is must have happened to bring an abrupt termination of contract between Shatta Wale and Bull Dog’s entertainment house, Bull Haus Entertainment.

In a new press release posted on Facebook by Bull Dog, known in real life as Lawrence Asiamah, and written  by Kendrick Yehowada, it mentions that, they (Bull Haus) no longer have a working relationship with Shatta Wale.

Although the press statement does not mention any reason for their sudden termination of contract in managing the dancehall artiste, one needs not to have studied rocket science to know something is wrong somewhere.

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Shatta Wale has not commented yet on this release and normally, would have announced to his fans before, the release even comes out.

It appears, the artiste now wants to manage himself, and sign other artistes on his new record label. For an artiste who plays his own instrumentals and writes his own songs and with that much experience in the music industry, he certainly can survive by managing himself.

The Bull Dog we know, would have captioned the attached press statement in a way, that would suggest, nothing really happened, but he just chose to post the release with the caption “Press release” which is pretty much usual.

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They might have had some arguments over money after Shatta Wale came back from his Europe tour, or Bull Dog must have hidden something with from Shatta or probably Shatta Wale must have shown him a “certain color” or just maybe, they terminated their working relationship on mutual grounds.

I cannot tell for now, the actual cause, but in the coming days, we would all hear the real reason, I guess.

Read the press statement below:

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bull dog press statement

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