Did The Bible Say Gay People Can’t Be Christians? – Accept Their Help To Build The National Cathedral – Gabby O. Darko Tells Government

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The Secretariat of the National Cathedral has denied claims that it has received donations from the LGBTQI community.⁠

According to the Secretariat, such rumors should be treated with the disdain and contempt it deserves.⁠

According to Reverend Kusi Boateng, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, he will resign immediately if anyone can prove that they have received money.⁠

“So I say with authority that the LGBTQI community has never confronted us and has never given us a dollar. And if by chance anybody has any kind of evidence that the National Cathedral has received even a dollar from the LGBTQ+ community, I’ll resign the same day”⁠.

Well, reacting to this in a recent Twitter post, Gabby Otchere Darko quizzed if it was wrong to accept donations from gay people?

According to him, if the Gay community decides to donate money to support the building of the National Cathedral, they should be quick to accept it.

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See his post below;


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