Did Vani Jayaram had a husband ?

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Vani Jayaram husband is one interesting aspect of her that many have been trying to know about since news of her death hit the Public as they seek to have common knowledge about her Marriage life. 

In this of Article, we will be taking a deep look into Vani Jayaram Husband and every hidden details about her love life before her death.

Who is Vani Jayaram

Vani Jayaram was an Indian playback singer in South Indian cinema, she Was born on the 30th day of November in 1945 Vellore, a suburb of Madras Presidency located in British India Where she grew up before moving to Mumbai in search of Greener Pasture. 

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She was born into a family of classically trained musicians as a fifth daughter in a family of six daughters and three sons. Her Parents Duraisamy Iyengar–Padmavathi, trained under Ranga Ramunaja Iyengar, enrolled her into his classes where he taught her a few Muthuswami Dikshitar kritis.

Vani Jayaram Husband
Vanin Jayaram

Vani Jayaram Husband
The late Vani was married to the love of her life, Jairam. The pair had been involved in a romantic relationship a long period before deciding to exchange marital vows. They officially got married back in the year 1969. 
Unfortunately, Jairam, Vani’s husbands passed away in 2018. It is fair to say during their time together, they shared a strong bond.

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No other personal informations are however known about Vani Jayaram’s Husband as She decided to keep most of her marriage issues private.

Vani Jayaram Death

On Saturday February 4th 2023, news hit the world that Vani Jayaram has passed away. She was found dead at her residence located in Chennai. Vani Jairam was 77 years of age before meeting her ultimate death and multiple reports indicated that she had slipped and fell down leading to her death.


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