Did Yvonne Nelson Lie About Having Found A Boyfriend?

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Screen diva Yvonne Nelson has received several controversies surrounding her love life in the past few years. She’s been rumoured to have dated a very long list of male celebrities both in Ghana and Nigeria.

The latest one was when we heard Nigerian superstar Iyanya mention her name in his songs and every interview. Next thing,they had broken up. This gave Yvonne a very strong ground to be careful with the kind of men she dates.

She later got very close to A-list actor John Dumelo thus,everyone thought they shared something together until their friendship broke up unexpectedly.

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Sometime in November last year,Yvonne Nelson confirmed in an interview on Live Fm that she had found a new lover. You can read full story here Yvonne Nelson Talks About Intimate Relationship,Friendship With John Dumelo,Shatta Wale and More

She claims she has a boyfriend yet we dont know the person but we do know her new set of friends she hangs out with all the time.

In her snaps,she is mostly seen spending time with Pappy Kojo,Bismark the joke,Regina,Kay Elliot and others.

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There hasn’t been anytime Yvonne boldy took or showed a photo of her new boyfriend to the world.  Here are a few questions we keep asking since she hasn’t been bold enough to outdoor her new boyfriend but could nimbly do with her freinds.

*Is it that she is scared someone will snatch him away when the public gets to know him?

*Does she even get to spend time with her boyfriend?

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*Did she lie about having found a new boyfriend to get John Dumelo jealous?

*Is she shy to tell the world who this man is?

*Could the person be too old,which will cause people to laugh at her?

*Is it a lie she created just to get people off her back?

*Or this guy does not have six pacs like her ex,Iyanya?

Concern is,since Yvonne shows everything off on social media, why can’t she show off this new person or the love she has for him is not as strong as what she felt for Iyanya?

If truly she is dating this new man,why would the man(who we strongly believe is not a public figure) accept to date Yvonne and watch her spend more time with Pappy Kojo and other guys? Doesn’t he get jealous as every man who loves his woman does?

Could Yvonne be richer and older than the guy,making him lack control over her?

Love they say is blind and conquers all.Yvonne is not growing any older so she has to be that Yaa Asantewaa she claims she is and show off her man to the world.

Ghana’s  favorite entertainment blog,Ghbase.com  will keep eyes on the ground to bring you any information that surrounds this headline.

Meanwhile,do you think Yvonne Nelson told a lie about having found a new lover or not? Kindly drop your comments below and lets get interactive.


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