Distraught Lady Finds Out Her Boyfriend Of 5 Years Is Celebrating His 7th Wedding Anniversary

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A lady from South Africa has had the shock of her life as she found out that her boyfriend, whom she has been dating for five years now, is married and celebrating his 7th anniversary with his wife.

The distraught lady said that she had a quarrel with her boyfriend and that culminated in they telling themselves not to touch each other’s phones.

The lady named,  Lerato Ramatsobane said that the said wife of his supposed boyfriend stays in Limpopo whiles she lives in Pretoria with the boyfriend.

She said that she broke the rule of not touching each other’s phone and decided to search his boyfriend’s phone only to be left heartbroken, saying she can’t breathe now.

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She narrated her ordeal on Twitter.

“I found out that the guy I have been dating for 5 fucking years is celebrating his 7th anniversary with someone. guys, I can’t breathe,” she began.

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“The wife stays in Limpopo and we stay in Pretoria.”

“We had a don’t touch my phone and I won’t touch your phone rule.”

“I searched his phone today and I found out that he’s celebrating his anniversary.”

Weird things happen in our world today, don’t they?


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