DJ Cuppy Spits Fire As She Says People Are Taking Her Kindness For Her Weakness And Need To Stop

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The daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, DJ Cuppy is not quite happy with events of the past weeks.

For months now, people have labelled it against her that she featured a colleague musician on a track and refused to give the said musician a dime for his efforts.

This culminated in the said musician Zlatan Ibile cutting ties with DJ Cuppy which she said she didn’t understand.

She said that Zlatan had blocked her on socia media without a word to her why he did that.

People in the industry praised Zlatan for his bravity in cutting her off.

DJ Cuppy it appears has now had enough of all these allegations and has send a word out there to people not to dare her by taking her kindness for he weakness, apparently to tell them that he is capable of anything.

She poured her vexation on Twitter where most of the action happens. Anybody with any issues seems choose the Twitter platform to pour their heart out.

People are just fond of taking others’ kindness for granted, and whiles others bottle it in silence, others just choose to say it out so that people will be aware and not treat them as if they are capable of nothing at all.

For DJ Cuppy, she is probably the kindest person to meet but she could get wild when provoked to the later.

“Don’t EVER take my kindness for weakness,” she wrote.

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