DKB Blocks Starboy Kwarteng On Instagram, Accuses Him of Causing Him (DKB) To Lose Out On An Award (screenshots)

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Ghanaian Comedian DKB has taken to his Instagram page to blast the late Ebony’s father Starboy Kwarteng on causing him to lose out on an important award which would have boosted his career and coming back to follow him on Instagram.

In the post he wrote;

You no fit destroy my career with false information , you dey follow me go where? To go destroy another opportunity for me?

Causing me to receive public hatred and humiliation because of what you did and making me lose out on an important award category in my career, may God forgive you.

Only Ebony funeral that 3,000gh NSAWA doesn’t get announced. Small tribute concert money Bullet who suffer for her want chop, U wanted that too!

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