DKB Complains About How People Don’t Like His Influencer Post Which Puts Food On His Table

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DKB, a comedian, has expressed his displeasure with certain internet users’ refusal to support him as an influencer since they appreciate and laugh at his comedy videos but despise his influential posts.

DKB wondered on his Instagram page what kind of terrible mindset Ghanaians have because they appreciate his comedy videos and laugh for free, but when he shares his influencer work, which pays him, they refuse to even discuss it, let alone remark on it.

Every celebrity, he claims, complains about it but is hesitant to speak out about it, so he’s letting it out because it’s unpleasant and frustrating, and they need to stop it and support them in any way they can.

He then thanked the few who appreciated his powerful remarks and asked that God would appreciate and bless them as well, telling those who had issues with his posts to contact him so he could ban them because they were useless to them anyway.

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Most netizens appreciate things that make them laugh, which is why comedy and jokes on the internet are so popular. When it comes to influencing them with a product or service, however, the majority of them are uninterested, which is why likes are declining.

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