“Do not allow a good girl to go because someone mistakenly slept with her” – Lady tells men

Sharon Godwin is one of those people who believe a good girl should be kept no matter what even if she sleeps with another man.

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According to her, if such a lady sleeps with another man, it was either a mistake or she was forced to do it.

Thus, men are advised not to get a good girl packing because she allowed someone to get on top of her. Sharon Godwin believes such a mistake can be corrected and should never be the reason why you allow her to go.

She wrote:

Don’t lose a good woman because someone mistakenly slept with her.

But when the men descended on her for condoning immorality and cheating in relationships, Sharon Godwin mounted a strong defence in favour of the women.

According to her, men do cheat on their partners and come back with their sorry ass to beg but are not ready to accept women who fall out a bit in a relationship.

She fired by writing:

Honestly y’all are hypocrites. Men sleep around. Men fuck countless women and still come back to their girl & expect her to forgive him. But when a woman does the same, more so by mistake it’s a crime? Sometimes a woman can accidentally fuck another guy. It’s normal

So the question is, how many men are ready to accept a lady who slept with another man back as a girlfriend or wife?

Sharon Godwin seems to know much about relationships and has been propounding several theories about love…some wierdo.

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