Do not compare anyone to AMG Medikal, he’s incomparable – Kelvynboy

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Do not compare anyone to AMG Medikal, he's incomparable – Kelvynboy

Ghanaian singer Kelvynboy believes rapper AMG Medikal is in a league of his own thus the comparisons must stop.

In recent times, Medikal has been compared to the likes of Sarkodie, E.L, M.anifest where many believe the rapper has what it takes to go toe to toe with the aforementioned rappers.

Meanwhile, new lords like Kweku Flick, Kofi Jamar, Yaw Tog are also being compared to Medikal where those doing these comparisons believe the aforementioned rappers are better than he is.

These comparisons are usually engineered by fans who either due to familiarity lose respect for the experienced folks or allegiance sake, believe the young and upcoming talents are way on top.

For Kelvynboy, he believes Medikal does not need any comparisons to give meaning to the speciality of his talent. While many will disagree with the fact that Medikal is certainly a great rapper, Kelvynboy believes no one deserves to be compared to him.

He shared his views on Twitter a while ago.

From the comments, some agreed with him while others believe Medikal is actually an overhyped rapper who is not as good as he is perceived and presented.

Kelvynboy has worked on a couple of projects with Medikal including “Toffee” and “Loko” and has been convinced that the AMG signee is top-notch.

Is Medikal actually incomparable?


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