“Do not marry men without class. Marriage must bring you fun and luxury, not suffering and hardship ” – Actress warns women

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"Do not marry men without class. Marriage must bring you fun and luxury, not suffering and hardship " – Actress warns women

The word ‘class’ was not distinctively explained by Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe but she believes untoward suffering will certainly visit women who marry men without the aforementioned adjective.

In the advent of celebrity turning themselves into marriage counsellors and life coaches, Mimi has suggested that women must be very cautious of the kind of men they choose to spend the rest of their lives with.

In a social media post, the actress highlighted the challenges that characterize marriages where the man lacks class and finesse. Where class means, the ability of the man to be on top of current trends and happenings.

Mimi stresses that women must marry men who full into this bracket, who are heavily loaded not only in terms of money but knowledge and beauty.

According to her, the decision of every woman to marry a man should be premised on what the man has to offer since a bad marriage will be hell to live in which will eventually fall apart.

“I pity who go marry man with no class “manager” is your name..first you will drive a car oh.. buh naija use vehicle will be your portion even when he can afford a brand new car…

your life will be manage manage on top things wey you pass.. you might never experience business class in your life or 5/7 star hotel.”

“You will keep hoping…the one wey go make you vex pass na your children.. any time school fees increase he will change them to a lower school because he is saving for his ancestors”.

The kind of exposure and tuning of an individual will determine his or her decision to agree with Mimi or not.





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