Do this to any guy who has offended you when you are menstruating and he will be miserable for life- Lady shares sh0cking tips to other women

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A lady whose name has been identified as Sasha on Tiktok has shared shocking tips to other women on how they can spiritually deal with any guy who causes them emotional trauma or offend them in any way.

In a video the young lady shared, she informed other women about how they can use their menstrual pads as a weapon to subdue any man.

She said all one has to do is write the name of the offender on a piece of paper and put it on the pad she is wearing during her period.

She said the practice should be repeated for three days in succession and that is when the guy would be rendered useless in life unless, of course, he returns to ask for forgiveness.

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We are still searching for the particular video she made the pronouncement. It’s likely she deleted it when it started trending because in the meantime- we do not have it in our possession.

In other news, a man purported to be married tried to shield his identity to avoid being recognized after a clubber secretly filmed him grinding the backside of a woman in a club.

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The man took advantage of the dim lights in the club and proceeded to get sensual with the lady who offered her sizeable nyash to him to have a field day with it.

While at it, someone who probably knew him captured the moment he had with the lady on the phone and when he noticed what was happening right before his very eyes, he decided to take precaution.

He did this by moving away from the lady and going to a different location within the club. He obviously did that to avoid trouble with his wife and sustain his marriage.

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