Do we look poor? I paid half of my bride price – Korra Obidi replies those saying Justin saved her family from poverty

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US-based Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has made a shocking revelation about her marriage to her ex-husband, American doctor Justin Dean.

Korra, in a video currently making the rounds on social media, revealed that she paid half of her bride price when she got married to her ex-husband Justin.

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She made this disclosure while responding to those who claimed that Justin took her out of poverty and gave her a better life.

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She claimed to have come under constant attack on social media over her divorce from Justin. The mother of two further explained that some individuals have been spreading lies that she dumped Justin after he brought her to America from Nigeria.

Finally addressing the misconceptions about her marriage to Justin, Korra revealed that, contrary to claims that her husband saved her from poverty, she met him in China and she paid half of her bride price when they got married.

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She also revealed that she paid Justin $50,000 in settlement after their divorce.

“Do you realize I paid half of my bride price. He took me out of poverty? does any part of my family look poor to you? Anyone thinking he saved me and put me in the land of opportunity…No, that’s not what happened we both met in China. I paid him $50,000 dollars, he did not give me one dime. I had to settle him after divorce”, she said in part.


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