Do you want to marry me or it’s only banging you came to do? Worried girlfriend asks boyfriend in the bedroom

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A young lady who had sought to find out if her relationship with her man has any future recorded the moment she asked him what plans he had for her.

As depicted in a corresponding video, the lady asked her man if it’s only s,ex he is interested in as multiple romps in the bedroom have taken place between them already and she is concerned about her role in her life.

To this end, she asked him if he would marry her or if he was merely having fun with her and tossing her somewhere.

“What’s the way forward? You wan marry me or you wan just dey fuck me dey go,” she asked him sternly in the video shared.

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In other trending stories rotating heavily on this online portal, a woman from Nigeria posted a video showcasing how long her tongue and this has stirred several reactions online.

The video has gone viral and prompted numerous questions from online users some of whom mischievously asked if she can harness it in the bedroom department to the fullest.

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Watch the video below;


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