Doctor, 83, who welcomed a new baby with his wife, 35, leaves several audio messages for son knowing he won’t be alive for too long

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An ageing doctor, 83, is worried he might be alive to see his child grow.

The nutrition expert Alberto Cormillot and his relatively younger wife Estefania Pasquini, 35, became pregnant after fertility treatment.

His age has made him conclude that he might be around in the child’s formative years. Regardless, he has made provision to be around with his son Emilion even while he’s dead and gone.

He said: “I’m aware that life is not infinite. That little guy’s here and I’m going to accompany him until a certain moment.

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“Until that happens I plan to enjoy every day to the fullest and make plans that are more short-term, which means I enjoy every day as fully as I can.”

To this end, he disclosed how he has left bunch audio messages for his son to discover in the future.

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He said: “That means that although he still really is a baby, he has a phone number with WhatsApp in which I record audio and send him videos.

“I don’t over-dramatize things, I just record the reality of life.”

He already has two adult sons, Renee and Adrian, and three granddaughters.

His first wife Monika Arborgast died in 2017.

Furthermore, Dr. Cormillot added that he was constantly thinking about how he can best prepare his son for the future while he is still around.

Dr. Cormillot has written more than a hundred scientific papers presented at international conferences and journals and written more than 50 books mostly on health education.

He was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012, but all traces of the tumor were removed by surgery.

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