Does Constance Marten have children ?

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Constance Marten is a British entrepreneur and media person. In this article, we will be taking a look into Constance Marten Children in a bid to let you know more about her kids.

Who is Constance Marten?

Constance Marten was born on the 26th day of May 1987 in Dorset, England and what this means is that she is a British by birth and 35 years old as of February 2023.

Comstance Marten , having been born into an already established family, could not miss out on the chance to have a better education. She attended St Mary’s Shaftesbury school where she studied and completed her basic studies.

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Constance Later gained admission to The University of Leeds, she attended and graduated from the school successfully. 

Constance Marten is in a romantic relationship with a man called Mark Gordon. The pair actually met in 2016 and became friends which later developed into love.

Constance Marten Children 

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Constance Marten has one child from her relationship with Mark Godon. However back in January, Constance and her Boyfriend went missing alongside their new born child. 

Reports coming on February 28th indicates the couple have been found in Brighton but their child’s where’s is still not known yet.



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