Does Jolin Tsai have a husband or boyfriends?

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Taiwanese actress, singer, and songwriter Jolin Tsai is also a musician. She is regarded as one of the major figures in Chinese popular culture and is referred to as the “Queen of C-Pop.”

Jolin Tsai studied music and English for a sizable chunk of her formative years. She was created in Taiwan’s Xinzhuang, Taipei County. She later graduated with a degree in English literature from Fu Jen Catholic University.

Jolin Tsai career

She received a recording contract with Universal Music in the late 1990s after winning an MTV singing competition. She released four albums when she was under contract with Universal. She became less well-known as a result of the more mature tone of her latter albums compared to her early ones.

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The initial two albums were hugely popular. She parted ways with her record company in 2001 and began working for Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan. After “Magic,” the first album she released while under contract with Sony, became a great hit, she recorded seven more successful albums.

She is well known for her singing and dancing prowess, and she regularly combines gymnastics and ribbon dancing into her presentations. She has currently been signed by Warner Music Taiwan.

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Does Jolin Tsai have a husband or boyfriend?

Tsai’s private life has drawn media attention, and she has been in committed partnerships for a number of years with Vivian Dawson, Jay Chou, and Eddie Peng.

Tsai met Jay Chou on the Taiwanese television program Guess in January 2001.

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The two were seen dating in Taiwan on multiple occasions after being spotted dining in an izakaya in Shinjuku, Japan, in December 2001.

Tsai and Chou’s romance came to an end in February 2005 after Chou and Taiwanese television broadcaster Patty Hou were observed traveling in Shibuya, Japan.

Following that, Tsai and Chou started to purposefully avoid each other on numerous occasions.

They appear to be back to being friends as usual after Chou invited Tsai to be a special guest at his concert in Taipei, Taiwan, in June 2010.

Tsai and Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng were first sighted together traveling in London, England, in January 2007. Since then, they have been repeatedly spotted dating in Taiwan.

Peng and his management firm, Power Generation, got into a spat in September 2008 because they both believed the other was trying to sabotage their relationship with Tsai.

Peng’s former manager Virginia Liu hinted in August 2009 that Tsai and Peng had been dating for more than three years, starting in the middle of 2006. It was believed that Peng’s mother tried to stop their relationship from growing because Tsai was reluctant to make their relationship public.

Model Vivian Dawson from New Zealand appeared in Tsai’s music video for the song “Love Player” from the album, Myself, in July 2010. (2010).

The two were observed traveling in Tokyo, Japan, in September 2010. Since then, they have frequently been spotted dating and exploring new places.

In November 2011, Tsai’s father hinted that his daughter was dating Dawson and that she had also been seeing Jay Chou and Eddie Peng.

Tsai and Dawson traveled to New Zealand in February 2013 to meet Dawson’s parents.

Tom Wang, Tsai’s manager, announced in December 2016 that Tsai and Dawson had dissolved their relationship peacefully in November 2016.


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