Dog drives golf cart and runs over little girl

When a dog named Bella decided to take a nap while lying on the cart’s accelerator, it resulted in a new disaster as the small car started moving and ran over a little girl.

In a strange incident that occurred over the weekend in Michigan, an unnamed youngster was harmed when she was hit by a golf cart that was being driven by an arson dog. According to the Westland Fire Department, the “minor event” took place at the Blues, Brews, and BBQ festival on Saturday.

“The fire department’s Arson Dog, Bella, was sitting on the seat of a golf cart the fire department was using for the event,” explains a statement on the incident. “She jumped onto the floor and laid down, laying across the accelerator pedal.”

The golf cart then jutted forward and started heading toward a crowd of people. A firefighter in the passenger seat of the golf cart “reacted quickly to try to steer the cart away from any people and toward the tents that the fire department was occupying.”

In doing so, the cart struck the 4-year-old girl.

“The passenger side front tire ran over her left leg,” according to the statement.

Paramedics at the scene “immediately assessed the child for injuries,” and while she was visibly shaken by the incident, she had no obvious injuries, and her mother refused further treatment.

“Fortunately, the child was back to eating her popcorn within minutes of the incident, and within 10 minutes of the incident, she was back to jumping in the fire department bounce house,” the statement adds.


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