Doing Full Time Acting In Ghana Can Be Disastrous – Yvonne Okoro

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Actress Yvonne Okoro has advised up and coming actors and actresses in Ghana not to rely solely on acting else they’ll die poor taking into consideration the current state of the movie industry.

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She told Abeiku Santana on the ‘Atuu’s Show’ aired on UTV, that currently the movie sector is faced with unsolved challenges for so long as compared to before.

“The movie industry now does not have enough producers and finance. It’s all because there’s no money in the industry lately. The actors and actresses have now turned into producers, which shouldn’t be so.”

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She added that, it will not be advisable for up and coming actors and actresses to take film making as their full-time jobs. Yvonne Nelson said that;

“There should be something aside acting you can perfect at. Acting does not fetch money in Ghana right now. Compared to Nigeria where they have over 20 cinemas and a larger population as well, a good movie can sell in all cinemas and make huge sums of money, it is not so in Ghana. I’d advise these up and coming actors to go to school, get a constant paying job and maybe do acting for the passion of it.”

The ‘Ghana Must Go’ actress goes on to say that she didn’t make her money from acting as it’s being speculated. Yvonne mentioned that it is rather other businesses she does alongside acting that bring her money. As a reminder, Yvonne Okoro is a real estate developer.