Don Little Cries And Begs Funny Face For Forgiveness & Here’s What Funny Face Said After Watching His Video

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In a new video, midget actor Don Little is seen crying and asking for forgiveness from Funny Face and has asked all those who can help him, beg Funny Face on his behalf to forgive him.

Don Little who is known for most of his roles in Kumawood movies, might have done something that bad to Funny Face as according to him, Funny Face ignores him completely each time he sees him. Don Little didn’t disclose what exactly he did but in the later part of the video, he mentioned that he does not know what he could have done that have pissed Funny Face that much.

He recounted how he lost a job for a movie role just because Funny Face told the director that, he wouldn’t act in the movie if he (Don Little) would be part of it.

In a teary voice, Don Little asked Funny Face to have mercy on him and forgive him for whatever he’s done to him because he still appreciates him for what he did for him several years ago. Don Little said that it was Funny Face who brought him into the limelight when he picked him from the streets.

Tears began to roll down his cheeks as he spoke. Funny Face has seen his video and reacted to it in a new post.

Watch the video below and see Funny Face’s reaction also right after the video.

Funny Face’s reaction below:


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