Don Little fires Funny Face and Liwin for fighting over an award plaque (Video)

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Ghanaian actor and comedian, Don Little has reacted the beef between Liwin and Funny Face which has escalated to involve Sandra Ababio, Liwin’s supposed girlfriend and Ahenfie, his right-hand man.

According to Don Little in an interview with Koo TV, he can take sides in the beef since he is cool with the two actors.

He noted that if he decides to support Fuuny Face who has been his godfather before becoming famous, people will think because he helped him get into mainstream acting that’s why he’s made such a choice and if he also decides to side with Liwin, people will conclude that because he once had an altercation with Funny Face, that’s why he is supporting Liwin.

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He further made mention of the fact that the organisers and the board of the award scheme knew the reason and the criteria at which they nominated and awarded Funny Face the ‘Fan’s Favourite Actor’.

See the video below:


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Funny Face has for the past days engaged Liwin over a comment he made concerning his win at the recently held Ghana Movie Awards. According to Liwin, Funny Face shouldn’t have been given that award because he was in the best position to win that category.

A peeved Funny Face took him on and added his supposed girlfriend, Sandra Ababio whom he threatened to spill her secrets.


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