Don Little’s accident is not because of his height- Yaw Dabo defends

Following Ghanaian actor Don Little’s accident, his colleague, Yaw Dabo, has come out to defend him, explaining that Don Little is a good driver and the accident was not because of his height.

In a recent interview with Dabo, he shared his unique perspective on the recent accident involving fellow actor Don Little. Dabo took a different approach and chose to highlight Don Little’s exceptional driving skills instead.

When asked about Don Little’s eligibility for a driving license, Yaw Dabo boldly defended his colleague, confidently stating that not only was he skilled but also a responsible driver.

Dabo brushed off any concerns about Don Little’s stature affecting his ability to drive, emphasizing that size was irrelevant in this situation. According to Dabo, Don Little had an impressive track record of over three years of driving experience and was even capable of undertaking long journeys from Accra to various regions.

Don Little accident: Police interrogate actor

On Friday, December 8, 2023, a news story surfaced, disclosing that Don Little had been in a collision with a motorcyclist and was taken into custody. Debunking the story, Yaw Dabo promptly responded to the incident, challenging the media’s depiction and offering clarification.

He said, “I spoke to Don Little after the incident, but he was not in police cells or something like that.” Dabo went into further detail about the situation, shedding light on the fact that Don Little found himself in a frantic rush to get a friend to the hospital during a critical emergency.

In his haste, Don Little honked at a motorcyclist to clear the way, but unfortunately, this led to an unexpected collision.

Appealing to the public, Dabo urged them to refrain from passing harsh judgments and criticisms. He emphasized that incidents like these are a part of life and could happen to anyone.

After having a conversation with Don Little, Dabo clarified that the actor was neither arrested nor detained by the police. Dabo made it explicitly clear that Don Little was not taken into custody or placed in a cell for what happened.


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