Donnie Swaggart Bio, Age & Facts About Jimmy Swaggart’s Son

Donnie Swaggart Bio, Age & Facts About Jimmy Swaggart's Son

Donnie Swaggart is a famous American televangelist popularly known as the son of Jimmy Swaggart. He is a co-pastor at the Family Worship Centre Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Donnie has been in the ministry for a long time. In this post, we will look at how he started his ministry and other personal details. Keep reading.

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Profile Summary

Full name: Donnie Swaggart

Date of birth: 18th October 1954

Place of birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Age: 68 years as of 2022

Career: Musician and evangelist/ pastor

Nationality: American Ethnicity: White

Marital status: Married

Children: 3

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Net worth: $760,000 – $1 million

Instagram: @donnielswaggart Facebook: @Donnie Swaggart Twitter: @DonnieSwaggart

Biography of Donnie Swaggart

Donnie was born on 18 October 1954 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the USA to Jimmy Swaggart (father) and Frances (mother). His father is also a pastor whiles the mother is an author and an SBN television host. Donnie is the only child of his parents.

Donnie Swaggart Eye

There are reported rumors that Donnie has undergone eye surgery. If true, it will be as a result of a defect or cancer however, he is yet to confirm this.

Are the Swaggarts rich?

The Swaggarts are one of the wealthiest pastors in the United States. They reportedly make about $150 million annually. The family also established SonLife Radio Network (SBN) in 1995 and it has over 78 international broadcasting radio stations. In 2009, they added the television network. The family ministry lies on a 257-acre piece of land, a theology college in Baton Rouge, and a global gospel show by the year 2000.

Donnie Swaggart’s net worth

His estimated net worth is about $1 million.

Donnie Swaggart and Debbie

Debbie and Donnie had been married for a while before divorcing in 2003. Donnie then went for a woman called Judy however the marriage collapsed. So in 2006, Donnie remarried Debbie.

Donnie Swaggart’s children

Swaggart has three daughters named Samantha Gabrielle, Caroline Frances, and Abby Jill.

Donnie Swaggart Sermons

He is known for his fiery type of preacher filled with the Holy Spirit. He is also the leader of the HolySpirit Night Camp meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Donnie Swaggart House

He lives in Baton Rouge. His house is estimated to be worth $726,000 which is located close to his father’s house.

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