“Don’t Answer People Who Only Call You When They Need Money”-Rudeboy Advises

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Some family members and friends of ours only remember us when they need money, singer Rudeboy says we should beware of such people and avoid them accordingly.

The only time they remember that they have a friend like you or a family member like you somewhere is when they are in need of money or some favour they think you are better placed to offer them.

Many people have lived with this over the years.

The only time you become important to them is when they need something from you, that aside, you’re non-existent to them.

Rudeboy is admonishing us to beware of such people as their only objective is to use us.

On his part, he said that he isn’t going to answer calls to his phone by such people.

“Beware of people who always call you or remembers you whenever they need money ….. since na just to de collect be Una own 2021 Una go call taya,” Rudeboy wrote on Twitter.

As expected, some fans think that Rudeboy is just in a way telling people to stay away from asking for anything from him.

“Oluchi” wrote; “I pity those people that calls you for help.May God provide for them so that they won’t call you again.Amen.”

Others think that God blesses people to be of blessing to others, and so they think there is nothing wrong for anyone to ask you for money.

“Mpa relax! What if God tell you the same thing you saying now.

God bless us to bless others.

When We are doing so we are doing it for God too. You always make this statement.

And I am always surprised because we always take you as a good man,” Jackie Linus also wrote.

Rudeboy’s tweet;

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