‘Don’t attend a church where the pastor’s chair is different from the members’ – Leila Djansi advises

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Religion is indisputably one as aspect of human life that makes living creatures especially majority of Africans lose their sense of logical reasoning. Simply put, religion makes one stops the application of logic as it’s largely built on faith!

For anyone who tries to analyse critically the tenets of religion is not fit to enter in the enclosed building called church taking into consideration the illogical and weird happenings in the movement under discussion.

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Even at the point of Christ betrayal there was no difference between Christ and his followers, Judas needed to kiss Jesus Christ on the cheek for identification so the Roman soldiers could make the arrest.

Strangely, our contemporary pastors live in luxury whilst majority of their followers or congregants can’t even afford two meals a day yet it’s a must they pay tithe!! Ideally, Jesus Christ should be disappointed in today’s Christianity whenever he reminisces.

Ahh well, taking into consideration the above analogy, it’s no surprise that Leila Djansi, renowned Ghanaian UK-based filmmaker, has advised that religious people should shun churches that pastors are being treated special comparably to the congregants.

Leila Djansi

She made this known in a long write up she did on her Facebook wall with the caption “How to avoid thief and rapist pastors”. Her post read “Don’t attend a church where the pastor’s chair is different from the members own and kingly. He’s not your king! Christ is.

“Don’t attend a church where members go to the pastors house to cook and clean and raise his children. That’s not what you were called to do. You are called to be Christ Ambassadors not Pastor’s pawns.

“Don’t attend a church that has no accountability. You must ask and see the books anytime. It’s your duty to the sacrifice of Christ to hold your leaders accountable.

“Don’t attend a church that’s always in the middle of a building project! God does not reside in temples. He’s in your heart. Build your heart for him!

“Don’t attend a church that does not have a weekly outreach for the poor and needy in society. WEEKLY. You can’t have more revivals than outreach! Soup kitchens for the homeless, back to school bags for the students, job placement fairs for graduates, hospital and prison fellowship/visits, widows and orphans welfare programs.

“Don’t attend a church where thrice a month, the sermon is about financial prosperity. God said not to worry about those thing. The birds and flowers don’t, but they’re clothed and fed daily!

“Don’t attend a church where women are coerced into being lesser than men. Jesus dragged Martha out of the kitchen to STUDY at his feet. Jesus likes smart women, ok.

“Don’t attend a church where the pastor has more than 3 cars. Is he a car dealer?

“Don’t attend a church where a poor member cannot chair the harvest committee or host a church event. The church is not only for the rich and influential.

“Don’t attend a church where rich people do not show up to sweep and clean, where men do not come to sweep and clean the chapel for service. Women are more than hewers of wood and fetchers of water.

“Finally, know and understand the God in whom you have believed, so you are not misled!
Remember, quoting bible doesn’t make you an ambassador for Christ. Just as visiting Dubai and bragging about it doesn’t make its president your friend.

#ChurchToo #BelieveVictims #NomeansNo Stop standing with rapists until they are proven innocent.

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