Don’t be in a hurry to move out your parents home, life out there is brutal – VJ Adams advises youth

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Teenagers are being advised by well-known media personality VJ Adams not to rush into leaving their parents’ homes.

He believes it is unwise for teens to increasingly rent their own apartments.
VJ Adams underlined the need of teenagers seriously considering staying with their parents till their mid- to late-20s if they have the good fortune to live in prestigious neighborhoods like Ikeja, Gbagada, Ogbudu, or central locations like Yaba and Surulere.

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He claimed that by doing this, they would be able to save up a sizeable sum of cash for a future home purchase or apartment lease.

Why are you in such a hurry to leave your parents’ house if you are 17 or 18?” VJ Adams was questioned.

“Think about it. In the next ten years, when you’re 27, if you save N3 million every year as if you were paying rent, that would add up to N30 million. By the time you’re ready to move out, you could purchase a house or even rent one that you can furnish to your liking.” He added.

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VJ Adams also shared that he personally moved out of his parents’ house at an early age because of the nature of his job.


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