Don’t be like Rita Dominic and marry at 46, there is no sweetness in that- So-called motivational speaker tells women

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A so-called motivational speaker named Olemerazi Basil has poured cold water on Rita Dominic’s colorful traditional wedding by telling other women never to emulate her.

He said getting married at such a ripe age like the actress does not make sense, particularly considering the risk involved when it comes to bearing children. He further said that women have a high possibility of giving birth to intelligent kids when they marry between the ages of 22 to 28.

He wrote, “Ladies, please don’t follow the footsteps of Rite Dominic. There is no sweetness in marrying at 46years. At 46 you should be celebrating 20years of marriage anniversary with your husband and your 20years old undergraduate by your side, even though it is God that blesses you with kids.

“The joy of celebrating each year’s marriage anniversary is greater than the enjoyment and publicity of marrying at 46. As an educationist, I will categorically tell you that women have higher chances of giving birth to their most intelligent kids at their prime age of between 22 – and 28 so tell me how high or low the probability of giving birth to an intelligent child at 46.

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“I know it is God that gives husbands but stop being selective and you will get married before 46.Note: Getting married early or late is not a guarantee that the marriage will not have issues that can lead to divorce.”


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