Don’t blame DJs, radio owners are the reason for Payola in the system – GhCALI

Hiplife/Afro Pop musician, GhCALI has slammed radio station owners in Ghana for playing a role in radio DJ’s demanding money before playing their songs.

The music industry, according to GhCALI, is no more attractive because owners of radio and TV stations fail to pay their Presenters and DJs well so the DJs and Presenters always demand money from musicians before they will promote their music.


Speaking on Canada based radio station, GhCALI said that the attitude of the media owners is also affecting musicians and they should share the blame when musicians are not getting radio airplay.

“The media owners don’t pay the DJs and radio Presenters well, so they demand money before your music is played. You have to give them money (Payola). Even if you have a nice song” he said.

GhCALI However comparing Ghana to Canada said that, his songs are being played in Canada without paying a dime unlike Ghana. He said;

“In Canada, you ain’t gonna get your song on the radio if it doesn’t fit into a radio format. So we normally study other artistes that are on the radio, analyze their writing skills, figure out what is getting them on the radio or we just make sure we produce a nice and quality music and that’s all. But in Ghana, whether your song is a nice song or whatever you will still pay for airplay which is not helping us”.

As a reminder, GhCALI is a Ghanaian born Canada-based musician who is doing very well outside the country. He is currently promoting his new songs “Strong Waist” featuring Patapaa and “Summer Time” which features Shatta Wale.


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