Don’t Exchange Your Bodies For Movie Roles – Yvonne Nelson Advises Upcoming Actresses

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Outspoken Ghanaian actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson has advised upcoming actresses to stop exchanging sex for movie roles.

Yvonne Nelson made it clear that “sex for favours is a phenomenon that cuts across all circles of life. From churches, work places, entertainment industry amongst others.

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Speaking on Touch of Class on Class91.3FM on Monday, 4 October 2019, Yvonne Nelson reiterated that, “I believe sex-for-roles is everywhere, its in the banking sector, it’s in the churches, it’s everywhere and I think these things happen because of desperation. When a girl is so desperate, she’d want to do anything but I always tell the younger ones that if someone tells you I want to go to bed with you for a role just walk away. You can try again and keep trying, you don’t have to sleep with a man or a producer or a director for a role. How many of them can you keep sleeping with for roles?”

She further added that, “I’ve always been vocal; I’ve always been this girl who would speak her mind and just walk away. People didn’t understand. I’ve had people make advances but you say no, but that’s something that we find very difficult to say.”

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Most up coming actresses have complained several times about sexual harassment from movie producers and directors.

Some of them claim that even after giving in to the demands they are sometimes not handed the roles promised.

Meanwhile Yvonne Nelson is currently premiering her new movie at the Silverbird cinema titled “Fix us” on 6 December 2019. Notable names in the movie include, Yvonne Okoro, Tobi from Big Brother Nigeria, Michelle Attoh, Hajia4real, Irene Logan and Prince David Osei.

What do you think of Yvonne’s submissions? We’d like to hear from you.

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