Don’t Expect Me To “Fool” When You Meet Me Outside, Lawyer Nti Ends On Set – Lawyer Nti Advises Fans(Screenshot)

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Ghanaian actor and comedian Richmond Xavier Amoakoh popularly known as Lawyer Nti has an advice to people who see him as arrogant outside set.

In a recent post on his Instagram page, Lawyer Nti vented his rage on people who expect him to act like how he does when on set. According to him, people need to learn to separate Lawyer Nti from Richmond. He added that he is a shy person in real life and likes to keep to himself therefore people should know when to draw the line.

In the post he wrote;

That Lawyer Nti guy, he doesn’t respect!”
————————————————————————— Please, the fact that I do comedy on TV doesn’t mean that I should go around fooling in real life. I was not built like that. I couldn’t even if I tried. When you meet me and you DECIDE for the TWO of us that we are going to fool, I will leave you disappointed and you will join the list of people who say I don’t respect. Somebody will see you sitting somewhere and go like “Lawyer Nti, why you make serious like that?” or “Lawyer, you wey you make cool or quiet like that wey you no dey fool?” Please, I cannot in any way respond to this with “fooling”. Very likely, I may ignore it. I am a very shy person on a normal day. I like to keep to myself – you can say I am anti social kakra. I find it difficult to allow people into my circle. We are humans and aside everything we are all different with different traits. Some people can’t even accept that sometimes you can be so tight that you cannot spend even a second to take a picture with them. Please, we too we have a life o. Cut us some slacks wai. We do what we do because of you and for you. Please paa. The fact that you don’t like my traits doesn’t mean I am disrespectful. Kindly learn to accept people for who they are. I am human; I’m not perfect. Thank you very much.
—————————————————————————- “We judge others by their worst examples and ourselves by our best intentions.”

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