Don’t let anyone l!ck your private part, it’s demonic – Rev. Bernar Achiuior

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Oral sexual activity and the acts associated with it are considered demonic by pastors.

Rev. Bernard believes that it is contrary to biblical teaching for anybody to be okay with licking the private areas of other people.

He said that those who consent to have others do such actions on them are inviting demons into their life by doing so.

“It is demonic to allow someone to lick your private parts” – Pastor warns
“It is demonic to allow someone to lick your private parts” – Pastor warns

Many people believe that the Bible does not discourage oral sex in any way, which means that a couple is free to choose how they want to enhance their sexual life together.

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The warning that was given by the pastor has resulted in hundreds of comments, the majority of which are from those who disagree with him for stigmatizing oral sex.

Read some of the social reactions below:

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Sibeso wrote: Wait until you lick STIs that’s when you will understand the Rev. He is speaking from experience.

Themba wrote: Maybe you wanna tell us something. Who licked you Papa? Surely you saw Jesus,Jacob,Moses, Sarah, Goliath,David and Joseph all having a party. Do it again daddy,

Anoxolo wrote: Rev, do not speak where Bible is quiet. Let us speak where God speaks and be quiet where He is quiet. Holy Spirit will talk by Himself to individual to such matters.

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Njavwa wrote: As a man of God to avoid insults over what is not written just Preach Jesus christ and let people fall in love with him

Ojoro wrote: Some of us our marriages are made strong by that ‘demon’ you are talking about. Susichithela imitshato.

Studies on oral sex have shown that engaging in oral licking might result in serious problems such as throat cancer.



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