‘Don’t marry a man or woman because they are Christians’ – Rev. Eastwood Anaba  

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Reverend Eastwood Anaba, the founder and head pastor of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, has urged Christian adolescents not to choose a life mate based on their faith.

When it comes to marriage, choosing a partner only on the basis of their faith, says the revered pastor, is a grave error.

He clarified that being a good Christian and a decent spouse are not the same thing.

“You cannot marry a man or a woman because they are Christians. So, you ask a Christian woman, why do you want to marry him, and she says, it is because he loves the Lord. You ask a man and he says, I want to marry the woman because she loves God and she is serious in church. The truth is that a husband is not the same as a Christian. He may love the Lord but does not love you,” Rev. Eastwood Anaba explained in his sermon.

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According to one of the most prominent televangelists, marrying a person based just on their faith is not enough to assure a happy and lasting marriage.

His response was, “Oh, why are you interested in marrying him?” We attend the same congregation. A good marriage depends on a lot more than just that. Because she’s the one for you. Ooh, she has a healthy respect for the name of the Lord. “Can you believe it?”

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Before tying the knot, Reverend Anaba suggests that prospective couples search for four traits in their potential partners: trust, open communication, companionship, and resources.

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