Don’t take care of her after marriage if the bride price list is too much – Woman advises Ghanaian guys

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According to environmental health professional Karen Kwakye, men could lessen the obligations they have as spouses if the bride price list is overwhelming.

As part of the wedding planning process, some families urge their future daughter-in-family law’s to help them remodel their house, as was noted by Karen in a discussion that aired on SVTV Africa.

During her discussion on the present pattern of weddings, Miss Kwakye noted that Ghanaians have begun to emulate the traditions of other countries when it comes to marriage, including the exchange of a lengthy list of gifts.

On the other hand, the majority of these “social media marriages” end in failure.

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“I saw a front and back bride price list on an A4 sheet. The man told me that the lady’s father asked him to do renovations before the marriage. Don’t you think about your daughter’s life after the ceremony?

“If anyone asks you to renovate his house before marriage, don’t take care of the lady after. You’ve invested the money in her father’s house,” she said while laughing.

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According to Karen, it is not compulsory for a boyfriend to constantly pay for their girlfriend’s hairdo unless they willingly want to.

“It is wrong unless the man wants to. Some even complain about their men not buying them pants. Let’s be responsible for the men to respect us. If you are responsible, the man won’t treat you like trash,” she added.



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