“Don’t take it as a joke, go and beg for the curses to be reversed” – Captain Planet advises Twene Jonas following fresh curse from angry Bechem Chiefs

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Ghanaian musician Captain Planet has admonished Twene Jonas to take the curses invoked on him by angry Bechem chiefs seriously.

According to him, Twene Jonas needs to take these spiritual and traditional warnings seriously and ensure that he does whatever it takes to reverse these curses.

Captain Planet expressed caution as far as insulting leaders and throwing vendettas at traditional rulers are concerned. He also entreated Twene Jonas in a tweet, to attach much seriousness to these curses clothed in serious messages before his life is cut short.

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Captain Planet added that he has been an eyewitness to similar instances where curses were treated mildly but in the end had dire ramifications on the individual. Therefore, Twene Jonas is advised to put a stop to the insults and seek redress as soon as possible.

This caution from the musician comes on the back of a recent ritual performed by some angry Bechem Chiefs who hurled curses on Twene Jonas and said the serial activist based in the United States will die before December including his followers.

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You can watch the video below:


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