Don’t Take Morning- After Pill More Than Twice A Year – Doctor Advises Women

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Many people believe that there is no limit to times an individual can take a morning-after pill.

On the NewDay show, Doctor Dennis Bortey disclosed that emergency contraceptive pills are not to be taken more than twice a year with the interval of 6 months.

The conversation popped up after the medical practitioner was asked the best way to go about unprotected sex or unwanted pregnancy. But, one must note that morning-after pills do not protect the user from STDs.

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He explained that the frequent intake of the pill will change the normal functioning of hormones in the body and the usual menstrual cycle of the woman. The Plan-B pills might not even work after several uses because the body may be homogenised. Thus it will not be effective, which might cause unwanted pregnancy.

Dr Denis said, “There is something we advise that do not take the morning-after pills more than 2 times in a year. So, for example, when you take it today, you are not supposed to take another one till after some months, like 6 months. But if you are abusing it, before long, it will get to a time it will not work again. And it can make a woman’s cycle irregular. That’s why we advocate that at most twice in a year is okay.”

Morning-after pills can also be used to reduce the risk of developing certain reproductive cancers and can also be used to treat many menstrual-related symptoms and disorders.


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