“Don’t talk to us like we’re some animals with no sense” – Lydia Forson tells Akufo Addo

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Lydia Forson has charged President Nana Akufo Addo for his comment about the attitude of Ghanaians that seems to be the main cause of the floods in Accra.

Akufo Addo during his visit to Canada mentioned that he is not prepared to spend money to fix the drains if Ghanaians don’t stop throwing garbage into the gutters.

His comments came at a time when some Ghanaians were displaced and properties were lost because of the torrential rains that seems to be the beginning of many showers of rain to fall.

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Lydia Forson who has been a constant critic of the government’s inability to give Ghanaians a better living in a tweet revealed the President’s comment to show how insensitive the President is to the conditions of Ghanaians.

“It’s only privileged people who don’t have to shit in KVIP that think if there’s a water closet people won’t use. Fix the system, and you can punish people for dumping refuse in gutters. But don’t talk to us like we’re some animals with no sense.”

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