Don’t use your teeth when sucking breast – Dzifa Sweetness to men

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Dzifa Sweetness, a self-proclaimed “Sex Coach,” has urged males to master the art of properly sucking a woman’s breast.

Sucking breasts is an integral part of making love, thus she thinks all men should learn how to do it.

Speaking to Adwen the Love Doctor on Ghana’s number one adult edutainment show, ‘In Bed with Adwen’, she said, “Some men don’t know how to suck breasts, they suck it with their teeth which shouldn’t be so. They need to learn the right way to do it.”

She explained that the breast has to be sucked by men like toothless children sucking milk from a feeding bottle.

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“You don’t have to chew it else you’ll hurt the woman. Know how to manage and take care of the breast while sucking and don’t suck only one breast. Suck both while your thumb massages the nipple of the other. It is very important,” she disclosed.

She advised men not to rush when sucking breast and also take out time to learn how to suck the breast of their women.

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