‘Doom Prophets Should Be Brought To Order’- Kidi

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Singer Kidi has said in a new interview on Accra FM that the unnecessary prophecies being propagated by some Ghanaian prophets publicly should be nipped in the bud.

He said this following a viral video about Wendy Shay made by Prophet Akwasi Appiah that she will be kidnapped and used for sacrifice. In Kidi’s opinion, the time has come for Ghanaians to call these prophets to order.

Kidi told interviewer Nana Romeo thus: “This is serious, I think sometimes we take these things for granted but these things need to stop. We have to stop certain things. As a prophet, if you get a revelation about someone, you contact the person, the person is a public figure, you can easily contact them but if you come on radio and TV and say all these about the person, anytime they’re going about their daily activities they’ll be thinking about it, that they’ve said this about me, every time they’ll be panicking.

“My mum told me something that becareful about these people, though they’ve said it, it’s not of God but because they want the congregation to believe in the prophecies they give…they’ll also ensure that the prophecy comes true. It’s not right, we need to check some of these things, God is with us, we’re okay.”

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