Doug Ford siblings : Meet his brothers, Randy and Rob

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Doug Ford siblings is one key aspect of him that many has been asking about as they seek to know much information about his Brothers and entire family. 

This Article is documented to help you know every hidden fact about the Canadian Politician. 

Who is Doug Ford ?

Doug Ford is a renowned Canadian politician and business mogul who is currently serving as the 26th premier of Ontario.

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Doug Ford Is one of the biggest politicians out there in Canada and has proven it with his appointments, Back in June 2018, gained the nod to become the 26th premier of Ontario and also the leader of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party, a position he took over from since March 2018 and still occupies.

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He also represents the Toronto riding of Etobicoke North in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Doug Ford Siblings 

Doug Ford has three siblings in total, Two brothers and a Sister, their names are Rob Ford who is also an established politician, Randy Ford and Kathy Ford. 

Doug Ford Siblings
Doug Ford

What to know about Doug Ford Brother Rob Ford. 

Robert Bruce Ford was a Canadian politician and businessman who served as the 64th mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. Before and after his term as mayor, Ford was a city councillor representing the Ward 2 Etobicoke North.

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Doug Ford brother Rob Ford was born on May 28, 1969, Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada where Doug was also born and raised.

Rob Ford However died after an intensed battle with cancer, and it was reported that the particular type of cancer that took his life is one of the worst forms of the disease.

It took Rob Ford a long 18-month battle with a rare form of cancer identified as pleomorphic liposarcoma before passing away on march 22nd back in 2016. 





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