Dr. Lawyer Ampaw Is Still Bragging –I Don’t Need People Calling Me With My Doctorate Honour

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If there’s any lawyer in Ghana who can yob and seek attention for himself more than Dr. Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, maybe we are yet to discover the fellow.

In most reportage about the attention seeking lawyer, the writers, for reasons best known to them, ignore attaching his doctorate honour/title to his name. Though there are some personalities who pay strict attention to their titles and would always insist they are addressed with them, lawyer Ampaw has stated that he does not need people calling him with his doctorate title.

“Doctor or no Doctor, lawyer Ampaw dey! I am a qualified lawyer! Celebrated lawyer! I don’t need the Doctor. Someone honored me with it” his flippant mouth emitted on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra when he was interviewed on a law suit brought against him by footballer Asamoah Gyan – for passing libelous remarks about the soccer star.

He disclosed that he got his doctorate honour from an international body together with Ghana’s current President John Dramani Mahama in 2010 – when the latter was the Vice President of Ghana. “I was given that title together with John Mahama on the same day in 2010. He was then the Vice” he emphasized.

However, he did state that no one can take it away from him. “It was given to me by someone! You can’t take it away from me! You can’t do that!” he added – – – GHbase.com says this is a confused logic from lawyer Maurice Ampaw.



The big question we at GHbase.com ask is: Is lawyer Ampaw the one who calls the media and plead to be given the chance to spit on issues or it’s the other way round? Whilst some say he makes erudite point on issues, others think he is just an empty barrel that makes noise. What do you make of him? Share a thought please. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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