Dr. Sledge Duodu Donates Food Packages To Touch The Lives Of 15,000 Community Members And Police During Covid-19 Lockdown

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Dr. Sledge Duodu, founder and CEO of Goldridge Ghana Limited, is donating 5,000 ‘Touching Lives’ family food packages that will benefit more than 15,000 members of the community as the Covid-19 crisis impacts everyday lives. Each package includes rice, cooking oil, sardines and spaghetti, and hand sanitizer. They are being donated to both police and army task forces in Accra who are making sure citizens stay at home and follow the measures put in place by the Government to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and to some of the poorest communities to help the capital’s most vulnerable people.

Dr. Sledge Duodu

“We all need food, whether we are one of those on the front line putting our own lives at risk to protect others, or amongst society’s less privileged who need a hand to make sure families are able to eat during this lockdown period,” comments Dr. Sledge Duodu. “We will give each security service employee a package to take to their family, and I will go to the homes of vulnerable people to deliver their Touching Lives package myself.”

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A husband and father of four children, Dr. Sledge Duodu is from Kibi Asikame and is a seasoned entrepreneur who has the work of Ghanaian communities at his heart. Through Goldridge, a gold trading and export company, he is looking to reshape the Ghanaian small-scale gold mining sector by supporting miners to improve their working conditions and livelihoods through responsible social and environmental mining practices.

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Dr. Sledge and his team at Goldridge will distribute the ‘Touching Lives’ packages throughout this week, reaching one area of Accra every day and one family at a time.

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