Wednesday, December 2, 2020

While Drake Was Performing On Stage, A Woman Removed Her Bra & Threw It At Him, Watch His Reaction After Picking The Bra

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One of the interesting things about being a celebrity is the love showed you by fans and if you are  a cute male celebrity, you are certainly going to have lots of female fans going crazy about you each time they see you and some of them would do anything just to get your attention.

Drake is such a cute guy with very good songs, so the ladies just love him and at one of his performances on stage, a woman removed her bra and threw it at him. We don’t what her true intentions were but we are sure, he wanted to let Drake know that, she wants to give him a treat.

Drake who was calm picked the bra and pointing towards where the woman was standing in the crowd, he said: “I’m a single man. I’ll talk to you later’

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Watch the video below:

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