Drake in trouble for saying 2020 was the year hardest year in history owing to the pandemic, netizens school him immediately

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A statement by the Canadian musician Drake appears in a viral video of him giving an interview.

The rapper’s short hair and the fading of his distinctive heart design into the front of his hairline suggest that the video was likely shot some time last year when he was sporting the unique cut to commemorate his album “Certified Lover Boy.”

People are upset by Drake’s remark that 2020 will be the worst year ever recorded in human history.

The rapper looks to be speaking about that year. With 6.4 million fatalities and more than 603 million viral infections, the Covid-19 pandemic now has a devastating impact on nations all over the world.

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To curb the spread of the illness, many nations closed down and forbade gatherings. As a result, countries are currently experiencing an economic slowdown as a result of rising inflation and rising living expenses. Some countries were also hard hit, and many people also lost their lives to Covid.

“The hardest year maybe in human history that we’ve ever been through,” he begins while the video cuts to ominous music with an empty street, and the camera zooms in on a sign that says, “If you want live music back, wear a mask.”

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“Forget music, as a people like, the hardest time to ever connect with people, relate to people,” the rapper says in an ominous tone.

Although it’s unknown where the video is from or what interview it was, several people criticized the Toronto rapper on social media.

“This is why ppl have to study history because wtf,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Wait till he hear about slavery and segregation,” another said. “Don’t say human history, say in your lifetime. Far worst have gone on. SMH Aubrey,” another told him.

Some of the rapper’s fans did speak up in his defense.

“He meant for this generation,” one person said. “He said that we’ve ever lived through. He must’ve meant our generation,” another said.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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