Drama as husband catches a man ‘giving it’ to his wife wildly on their matrimonial bed- Watch

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A man was in for a shock when he suddenly appeared at the ‘scene’ to catch a man having s.ex with his wife on their matrimonial bed.

The story which is emerging from Kenya adds that the side-boy Kamau, who is said to be a cab driver, was caught red-handed ‘giving it’ to someone’s wife in his matrimonial home.

According to online reports, Kamau visited the married woman’s house, thinking that her husband was out of the town for work.

However, luck eluded him as the woman’s husband who has been trailing him for some time to satisfy his curiosity emerged at the scene and grabbed him.

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The angry man reportedly stormed the scene together with his friends some of whom wielded a camera to capture the moment clearly and keep it as a piece of evidence.

“Who are you,?” the man of the house was heard asking Kamau while raining kicks and blows on him after he caught him in the act.

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Watch the video;

In a related development, two young women have been spotted engaging in a bitter fight over what many has attributed to a man they are both dating.

The squabble was very fierce as the duo took it out on each other while one lady gleefully recorded the nasty encounter and uploaded it on social media instead of shouting for help so other people would come and help separate the combatants.

Meanwhile, one of them gained the upper hand after she firmly got her hands on the opponent’s hair after which she landed quick blows in succession on her face and dragged her all over the ground.

All this while, the camera caught sight of other people busily going about their duties without bothering to intervene. Watch the video here. 

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