Drama as Nigerian lady dumps boyfriend because he doesn’t chase other women and he’s too gentle 

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You might probably dismiss this report as a leaf out of a fictional book but it did happen between two lovebirds in Nigeria. 

The lady severed off ties with the guy identified as Kelvin because in her words, the guy is too good for her. She claims the guy does not smoke, drink or chase after other women which she finds really awkward.

An Instagram blog shared the story, narrating how she dumped the young man simply known as Kelvin, for being too gentle and soft.

In the WhatsApp conversation between Kelvin and his girlfriend, the girl said he isn’t her type of man and advised him to try and be hard on girls because most girls will only take advantage of him for being too nice.


Girlfriend: The truth is, I know you’re in love with me. Even you told me last month I thought joking but with no time I get to realize that myself. I sorry to say this but I don’t think I can date you, I always act this way because is too hard for me to tell you I can’t date you

Kelvin: But why

Kelvin: Did I offend you in any way

Girlfriend: I know you didn’t offend me but I really can’t. The truth is you’re too good for me, you take my pain as yours, you don’t smoke you don’t drink. You’re too gentle, you hardly go out, I’ve never seen you with any girl. I really don’t want to hurt you.

I know I sound so crazy telling you this but you should not be 100% be honest with any girl. Not many girls deserve a guy like you. They will only play with you and at the end of the day dey will leave you. Try to be hard on girls you’re just too honest

Girlfriend: Please forgive me but I really think that special girl is out there waiting for you. I really wish I can have you but I will always hurt you and you won’t say anything because of love. Kelvin please forget about me I love someone else and I’ve said yes to him already


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