Drama as schoolgirl goes on her knee in school to ask another girl to be her Valentine- Watch

A female high school student in South Africa has been filmed asking her girlfriend in the same school to be her Valentine.

The young lady who wore a nose mask and looked shy at a point as the request was made in the presence of the whole school, could be seen walking to her lover and romantically completing the love ritual.

She went on one knee and asked her to ber hers this Val’s Day and beyond and she answered in the affirmative.

The lover girl then gave her a flower after which they hugged passionately while everyone jubilated.

In other news, a slay queen succeeded in having random thoughts invade the faculties of a pastor when she mounted the pulpit to offer a song ministration.

In a video making rounds on the internet, the lady while discharging her godly duties in the church had the pastor feeding his eyes with the lady protruding backside.

The video has intrigued netizens and as usual, they are making a whole fuss about which in actual fact, is not a big deal at all.


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