Drama as two male church members refuses to hand over phones to usher (Watch)

An usher who thought two church members were being distracted by their mobile gadgets and wanted to seize it from them albeit temporarily was in for a shock. 

In the video that was shared on Instagram, the usher could be seen trying to collect the phone from the church members as he danced and swayed his body to the rhythm of the melodic tunes being sung in the auditorium.

Hower the duo refused to cooperate by holding on firmly to the phones. A brief drama ensued devoid of any melee as they both failed to reach a consensus.

The video has elicited reactions online fraught with diverse interpretations. We obtained the video from GosspiMill who added this caption;

“Wahala be like Bicycle!!! Man stands his ground and refuses to give Church Usher his phone, after the usher tried to cease his Phone because he was constantly operating it during Church service!!! 🚴🏿‍♀️🚴🏿‍♀️🚴🏿‍♀️💨”


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