Drama As Zubby Michael And Chizzy Alichi Clash On Social Media Over “King Of Boys” Movie

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Zubby Michael And Chizzy Alichi Clash On Social Media Over "King Of Boys" Movie

Nollywood actress, Chizzy Alichi and Zubby Michael have taken to social media to drag each other over the newly released film dubbed, King of Boys 2.

The movie seems to have several people sharing their opinions which veteran actress, Sola Sobowale played the lead role as Eniola Salami who is the king of boys in the movie.

Zubby Michael however took to social media to counter the veteran actress role in the movie which he claimed that a woman can never be a ‘King of Boys’

His comment didn’t sit well with actress, Chizzy Alichi hence she jumped in to say a woman can do anything she wants to do.

In her words, “A woman can be anything and whatever she wants to be. What a man can do, a woman can do better. Oba has my vote”

Zubby came through with his misogynistic statement saying, “know your category, local girl wey the copy oyinbo, I will talk to your husband later not your darling. NDI ala NDI ala nonsense and ingredients”

Chizzy Alichi found Zubby Michael’s comment offensive and replied, “I said what I said without insult but because your mama no train you well, you decided to insult yourself. I will talk to your mother not you my darling, so she can teach you manners. Local dog”

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