Drama: Man clashes with girlfriend after discovering his number has been saved as “Mr Big Head” while another guy’s number is “my love’ [Video]

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Do you know how your partner has saved your number on his or her phone? You will need to find out because a man who tried to do just that was met with a big surprise.

Well, a video trending on social media gives an account of a man who discovered that his number has been saved on his girlfriend’s phone as “Mr Big Head” while another guy (potentially his rival) has been saved as “my love.”

This man who was heartbroken after finding such a bitter truth went mad at his girlfriend.

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While the lady explained that the number she has saved “my love” actually belongs to his brother, the man was not ready to even listen let alone believe it.

With grief, the man went crazily haywire as he smashed the phone he had bought for this lady on the floor…an act of revenge for his name being saved as “Mr Big Head.”

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Well, in our age, “Mr Big Head” could actually be a compliment but the man was not ready for that. He needed his name to be romantically affirmed in the contact list of his girlfriend.

Watch Video Here:


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