Dressing Decently Only Makes You Appear Decent, It Doesn’t Really Mean You Are Decent- Efia Odo (+Screenshots)

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Controversial Slay Queen and TV personality Efia Odo was recently jabbed after putting her “Toto” on display.

The screen goddess has taken to her Instagram page to post a rather decent picture to perhaps show her fans she can be both characters anytime she wants.

In her post she captioned it dressing Decent only makes you look decent, looks can be deceiving.
Is Efia Odo telling us she is not what she her pictures portray her to be? Well that is a question for her to answer.

Meanwhile Efia Odo has given ladies four rules about keeping the “honeypot” clean at all times. According Efia in a Twitter post, she doesn’t shave her “honeypot” often to prevent bacteria and Yeast infection. She argued that, leaving the “honeypot” a bit bushy will keep women safe from contracting certain preventable infections.

Well, “Doctor” Efia Odo has spoken. Its up to you to decide whether her advice is good or not.

Checkout her post below;


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